Cost per mile

The cost per mile of EV varies significantly with many dependent variables, but suffice it to say its still an order of magnitude less than a gasoline car.

Using tiered-residential rates and night-time charging, the cost to drive a mile in an EV is approximately 1 cent per mile.  When total-cost-of-ownership factors in maintenance, the cost per mile may be 2 cents per mile, mostly due to tire wear.

The big variable for EV efficiency is speed.  At higher speeds, the wind-resistance dominates.  At speeds less than 30 mph, wind resistance is minor.  Highway driving thus consumes 50% more net electrical energy as driving around town.

For a typical 18 mpg gasoline car consuming $4.50 fuel, the cost per mile is $0.25.  When factoring maintenance (oil, water pump repair, fuel filter, spark plugs, etc.) at $1000 per year, it climbs to $0.35 per mile.

The cost of brake maintenance on an EV is significantly lower because 90% of all braking is a regenerative using the motor.  A hybrid has some regenerative advantage, but its carrying more load and thus more momentum.

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Just Getting Started

As my wife and I have meandered through our first month of EV ownership, I have had many thoughts that I wanted to share about the experience.  This blog is in its infancy … I hope I can keep the momentum to capture all of experience.